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Greetings from our showroom!

In these terrifying Corona times we hope that you are all doing good and taking care of yourself, your dear ones as well as keeping your distance and getting by whatever your situation is. Here at OOAK our customers are not coming to see our showroom and all our cool Spring styles, so we thought we'll tell you what's going on in our office.

We got a new office dog, Calua! She is so sweet and playful and training hard to become a good office dog. As soon as this Corona virus is in control, you must come at meet her - she is so cute!

Also we are offering free postage on all deliveries even though the CFO advised not to do it on small amounts - but all small businesses are struggling these days & we would be thrilled to ship your orders free of charge!

We got a new coffee machine from Nespresso and it makes wonderful coffee - we can't wait to offer you a cup!

New Spring bracelet collection and new office dog
Fri fragt hos One of a kind by Christina Andrés Averhoff

Drinking coffee alone in the showroom
New office dog in OOAK

We are spending a lot of time updating our website and the webshop is full of new Spring styles - so please visit our webshop and get inspired. We wish you all a wonderful weekend and soon Easter is coming up.



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